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If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’d know I have several models that I work with whom I consider my muse’s. And Lola is definitely one of them,

Lola on a wooden bridge - urboi photography
Lola shot by Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography

I met her at the day job when she asked me to shake loose a snack of hers from the vending machine that was stuck. And being the smart ass that I am said to her “I guess you’d figured a fat boy would know how to shake the machine for free snacks”. And that was the start of our long lasting working relationship… snacks out of the vending machine. We linked up on this Sunday afternoon to collaborate with makeup artist Shy (another long term contributor to my works).

We headed down to the Brandywine to get some shots on the bridge. But we had to scrap that as it was high noon and the sun was beaming and I didn’t have enough crew to set up on the bridge especially when it was a lot of foot traffic. So we decided to use a shaded area off to the side for a couple of shots.

After grabbing a few shots/poses from Lola in this area we moved back to the bridge and grabbed a few more shots before the foot traffic kicked into high gear. You know when shooting in public all the looky-loos come out trying to figure out what you’re doing and if you’re shooting someone famous. At times I get the hobbyist photographer asking a few questions so we’ll exchange business cards and I’ll keep it moving since we are on set.

I came up with the idea to take the shoot to downtown Wilmington as I knew it would be pretty vacant as the city sort of shuts down completely on Sundays so I knew foot traffic would be minimal. I pulled up to a community sitting area whose colors meshed nicely with Lola’s makeup and outfit.

Wedding Dress street photography with Lola and UrBoi Photography
Lola Devine MonRoe shot by Lindsey Epps-Tucker for UrBoi Photography

So after grabbing a few shots along the wall, Shy determined let’s take it to the streets… literally. She wanted Lola smack dab in the middle of the road in the wedding dress. So after waiting for traffic to pass we managed to grab several images of Lola in the middle of the street. Which I might add turned out to be the best from the day.

I can’t stress it enough when you have a great team you are bound to do great things, and I have certainly been blessed with a great team. And with this great team I know we will continue to do and create great things.

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  1. stan — June 11, 2015 at 1:43 am

    Shooting outside is something I must do more of this year

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