Kids Tutu shoot

This past Saturday I had the awesome pleasure of working with Anara Original again for her custom tutu line. This time we had some adorable models as our subjects, four beautiful naturalistas ranging from 5-7 years old. Let me say that it was beautiful seeing how the parents are very supportive of their daughters. And their hair was simply awesome. The four beauties who modeled the tutus are:

Sara and I arrived at the studio around 1 so we can setup and get the snacks and busy work ready, as you know when shooting with kids their attention span is short so we had to be sure to have food, drinks and crayons and coloring books on hand to keep them busy when not in front of the camera. Shortly after our arrival Netta our makeup artist showed up and started her setup.  The models arrived slightly after 2pm as the traffic on 95 was heavy on this nice spring day not to mention an accident clogged up traffic as well.

For these models to be so young they showed major patience and professionalism that rivals their older peers. To see them get their makeup done one by one and sit so still while Netta worked on them, it was so cute to see Russi pick out her own color and to see dear Netta oblige her. Jezelle definitely came in with the MOST energy followed by Charli and then Mi-na the vertern of this quartet was cool way beyond her 6 years. As a photographer I could not ask for a more professional and energetic bunch of models for this editorial shoot.

And each parent was equally patient and definitely help the shoot run smoothly and for that I’m deeply grateful. There were no negative attitudes in the bunch and that made it one of the best shoots I’ve had this year and definitely the best kids session.


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