Nicole Lyn

Nicole Lyn-June 25, 2016NIKON D800-6This session with the beautiful and talented singer Nicole Lyn wasn’t even planned. It manifested by the two of us being at the right place at the right time. See what happened was I was with the awesome Darnell Miller discussing a future project that we’re working on and Nicole was in attendance, so after Darnell and I wrapped up our discussion he asked what did I have planned for Saturday (our usual brunch day) and I mentioned I had a session but the client backed out so I’ll be sitting in the studio since it was already booked. Nicole mentioned she needed a shoot for her upcoming EP so I’m like what the heck the studio is booked let’s do it.


I cannot lie she moved from outfit to outfit with such confidence that you’d thought the entire shoot was planned.<span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="" target="_blank">Lindsey Epps Tucker</a></span>


Nicole Lyn-June 25, 2016NIKON D800-31With my sessions I’m particularly¬†meticulous in planning with everything from hair, makeup to set design to how I’m going to photograph the subject. But since this is more of an impromptu session I was going from the muscle with this one. Nicole showed up on time (which is a first as most artists run late as heck… IJS) with plenty of clothes to be photographed in. Nicole had brought plenty of outfits to capture the many sides of her. I cannot lie she moved from outfit to outfit with such confidence that you’d thought the entire shoot was planned. And her spirit both in front and off camera is freaking incredible. ¬†For the scene I just decided to use a one light setup with her against the wall and possibly toss in a few props. I decided to shoot cool and do some split toning in post. Both myself and Nicole really loved the way the images turned out. I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to work with her as this lady’s star is bright and she’s definitely about to make a mark in the biz.

Check out a few of our shots below.

So if you haven’t already go out and get her album “Off the Beaten Path” available for purchase on her website!


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