Anonymity is the new cool

Anonymity is the new cool t-shirt

For a while now my friends on Facebook have enjoyed reading about my thoughts and random quotes as well as my t-shirt of the day. So I’d figured I’ll start combining the two, so my first t-shirt creation is based on something I often tweet/talk about which is anonymity is the new cool. Simply meaning everything doesn’t need to be tweeted, snapchatted etc. It’s cool to have a slight mystery to your daily living. Some just are way too¬†eager to share everything about themselves in hopes for a following, celebration or a pity parade.

And this first of which I hope will be many shirts was created. So if you feel the way I do about the subject or you’d just like to support a working creative please feel free to click the link and purchase this shirt.

Purchase here: Anonymity is the new cool t-shirt

And if you do purchase a shirt I’d love to see a photo of you wearing so be sure to tag #urboiphoto so I can find it!