Graffiti Pier

I’ve always heard of this magical place called Graffiti Pier located in Philly but until recently I never bothered to venture there. That is until¬†Tricee00r aka Shorty Wop contacted me to photograph her for a submission to a tattoo mag. So you know I jumped right at the offer, but first I had to go scout out the area as I stated before I’ve never been. But let me tell you Graffiti Pier is constantly morphing as when I was out scouting there were several graffiti artists out there painting over old work with some new hot ish.

So after I scouted the area I contacted my MUA – Shy Stilletto of StillettoHouse to handle the makeup duties as we would be doing everything on location and she is my go to MUA when creativity on location is a must. Tricee00r showed up and Shy started on her makeup while I did my usual double and triple check for where we are shooting. Once Tricee00r makeup was complete we started our trek to the location we planned on shooting at.

There were more people there by this time some were drinking and smoking some really good smelling marijuana (don’t judge me LOL) and others were having a paintball fight which when we started towards them they called cease fire (groovy of them) and there was other photographers and I even saw what resembled a bondage photo shoot (I wanted to see that but hey duty calls). The session ran for about 3 hours as there was so much to photography and Tricee00r brought a few outfits with her. All in all we had a ball and I can see myself heading back out there again as I stated this place is forever morphing.

Tricee00r aka Shorty Wop