Why Models Flake

After talking with a few models and photographers I compiled a list of 10 reasons why some models flake. And in no way is this law of the land, just things I’ve either encountered or was told from my discussions with both photographers and models.


  1. She’s not really a model just a pretty girl who loves to have her photo taken to share in order to climb the social network stratosphere. Yes she may have some model qualities such as the look or the style but in no means is she a model. Her main concern is getting photos to share on her social networks so that the phrase “booking info in bio” sounds relevant.
  2. Not enough details on your concept. Yes not providing details can be a deterrent for many models who have went to gigs and was overwhelmed at how unorganized they turned out to be. Before contacting a model be sure to have your shoot details together, this includes but not limited to: is makeup and hair provided, wardrobe specifications if not being provided, location along with setup / start times, rain date if shooting on location and among the elements, compensation whether TF* or paid, estimated delivery of images and exactly how many and who’s choosing the images.
  3. She’s not a fan of your work. Yeah you caught her eye with a few images on your social media profile but after further investigation she just determined that your style is either underdeveloped or not along the lines of what she wants to shoot.
  4. Couldn’t verify your credibility, yes in this business everyone knows everybody so if you haven’t formed professional bonds with others in the business and she cannot validate your talent on set and behind the camera she will get ghost.
  5. Her boyfriend and sometimes manager is upset with her because she models and is threatening to leave her which will cause her to drop off the grid because good love is hard to find and dealing with a jealous boyfriend is the worse (so I’m told).
  6. She’s a party girl and your shoot schedule just happened to be the day after a once in a lifetime bash that she couldn’t miss and ended up not being able to recover to make your shoot (even though the shoot was scheduled weeks prior to this bash of a lifetime).
  7. Your texts/emails creeped her out and that uncomfortable feeling set in and she opted to pull a no call no show out of fear. Especially with glamour/eye candy shoots if she’s not comfortable with your presentation she will be gone with the wind. Every model has horror stories of some weirdo with a camera and that thirst in his eyes.
  8. She recently became “published” and now wants to command top dollar to bring her newly published talent in front of your lens. Yeah with the advent of magazines going online and with companies like magcloud.com any fool can put out a magazine (sort of like any fool with a camera an be a photographer) and once published her ego will out grow such feeble and meaningless work such as what you want to shoot with her.
  9. Death in the family (supposedly), transportation woes (car broke or missed bus or her ride didn’t show), missed hair appointments (lacefront is fronting), no babysitter (baby dad refused to pick up their kids for her to go out stripping… eh excuse me modeling), got lost on their way to the studio or shoot location and my new favorite went to get their taxes done the morning of the shoot (yeah that last one recently happened to me UGH).
  10. Phone got lost or stolen and had no way to get in contact with you.

This is just 10 of the most popular examples from my discussions with both models and fellow photographers, and in no means is this an end all I’m quite sure there’s more and probably enough to fill a whole post by itself. Nonetheless flaking on a shoot is bound to happen one time or another. The way I handle it is I try to build a reprior with the model prior to the shoot, invite her to meet with my team and I whether it’s in person or via a Google Hangout video conference. Also if you have a model who is always there for you when you call, do you very best to help her along in her journey by supplying images to her and helping with her portfolio. Good and dedicated models are NOT a dime a dozen, so when you come across one let her know she’s appreciated. And ask her what SHE wants to shoot and work with her on that, build that relationship and go out and conquer the world.

Have anything to add leave me a comment and perhaps I’ll include it in an updated list. Also be sure to follow me @UrBoiPhoto on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and Periscope. I’m also on Facebook too!



No Vested Interest
Because you are shooting her for free. Local “models” with no vested interest in building a portfolio that will take them to the next level have nothing to lose if they decide not to shoot with you. You’ve invested EVERYTHING, and she’s invested NOTHING. So, if there’s a schedule conflict she will easily cancel on you at the last minute. -Suggested by Lamonte Gwynn