Street Photography

At times I feel myself going into a funk with photography, after dealing with clients and shooting what they hired you to shoot. I find myself not putting time into what I enjoy shooting or not going out of the box. Well I decided to remedy all of that recently. Lately I find on my days off I’m charging up the camera batteries and slapping on a prime lens and venturing out into the world and taking photos of what interests me. Let me say that this is a wonderful experience for me as with my shoots I like to be in control of everything (or at least think I am).  But with street photography you only have that one moment and you must grab and get your shot on the fly.

Now although I’m just venturing into street photography I can see it being something that I set out to do on the regular. Plus I’ve met some really cool people and heard some really awesome stories while shooting. My recent venture to Philly for Odunde Day was an awesome experience, so many beautiful sisters and humble brothers and just people out enjoying the day and embracing the African culture.

Moving forward I know I plan on being a repeat visitor to events such as this as well as any others. As that old adage goes a day without learning is a day not lived.

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