Jassmine Pierce

iPhone photographer
Model and actress Jassmine

I met Jassmine Pierce through one of my many favorite makeup artists TeDara IGlamoureyez Watts. And I’ve always wanted to work with and photograph a curvy full figured model so once I mentioned that to TeDara she immediately suggested Jassmine. Being this was the 1st time I worked with Jassmine and it’s been a few ticks since TeDara and I worked together I figured to let them decide on the look we were going to shoot and I’ll make it happen (as that is what us professionals do). Every now and then you come across a model who is just as beautiful without makeup as she is with makeup and Jassmine is definitely that type of model.  Even though our shoot was informal and she mentioned that it has been a while since she was in front of a camera. Our shoot went smoothly even with TeDara hopping in front of me from time to time to get the famous iPhone photo. We shot 2 looks and made sure to take plenty of headshots to show off the awesome work of our MUA.

Jassmine & her beautiful daughter.
Jassmine & her beautiful daughter.

Towards the end of the shoot Jassmine’s fiance and their lovely daughter showed up and watched the end of our shoot. I even managed to snap a pic with Jassmine and her daughter before wrapping up.  Such a beautiful family, so don’t be shocked if you come across a later blog entry whereas I photographed Jassmine and her beautiful family. Also I want to give a special thank you to TeDara who is with child and all for being on her feet to help style Jassmine for our shoot. Who else you know that handles hair, makeup, wardrobe and accessories during a studio session while pregnant…. TeDara IGlamoureyez Watts that is!