Black Gold

Lindsey Epps Tucker for UrBoi Photography

Well after quite a bit of time I finally got back in the shop with my favorite makeup artist Shy from Stilletto House cosmetics. And you’d never think we been apart for so long as it was like a groovy ass reunion. This session was done to bring awareness to her lip-gloss line and to her talent as a makeup artist. The models we brought in for this was the beautiful Ashley and Tori from Q’s Flava management. Both ladies did great and we all had a blast during the shoot. The concept is called ‘Black Gold’ and I think it has been executed nicely.

The first model in the chair was Ashley, Shy started with some simple makeup in order to build up to the final look. Next up was Tori from Q’s Flavas, a new model herself but she was extremely professional and by the end of the shoot we all became good friends. I truly am looking forward to working with both of these awesome young ladies again.

Check out our short behind the scenes videos shot for our Instagram channel.

DE’s dynamic duo is back at it again….


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