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I recently had a session with a repeat client of mine Tina, who was looking for some updated images for her social media profiles as well as just to have some updated pics. And since I was running my Summer Mini Sessions I suggested that to her as for the location she wanted to shoot some outside at a park so I suggested Brandywine State Creek Park to be the backdrop for our shoot. 

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Street Photography

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At times I feel myself going into a funk with photography, after dealing with clients and shooting what they hired you to shoot. I find myself not putting time into what I enjoy shooting or not going out of the box. Well I decided to remedy all of that recently.

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Why Models Flake

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After talking with a few models and photographers I compiled a list of 10 reasons why some models flake. And in no way is this law of the land, just things I’ve either encountered or was told from my discussions with both photographers and models.

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